What Are the Startup Costs?

Estimated franchise costs begin around $300,000 plus, including landlord costs.

For Franchise Information:

+1 (844) 967-5563

Why would I want to become
a franchisee with WorkLodge?

If you love business and entrepreneurship, appreciate the stability of recurring revenue, and thrive building business to business relationships then our franchising program is a perfect fit. Scalable, professional, and incredible, we’ve carefully developed a brand and system that allows you to work in the business daily if you want to, or detach from the daily grind and hire a management team. You’ll be creating an entrepreneurial environment that you too can enjoy and work within, building new business relationships, and uncovering even more opportunity through the people you serve.

What’s the advantage of WorkLodge franchise model?


By 2020 there will be three and a half million U.S. businesses with four employees or less according to the Small Business Administration...


It’s not just small business that can benefit from an alternative workspace. Larger corporate clients are recognizing the cost savings...


WorkLodge’s business model — which provides a combination of private office suites, coworking and flexible shared workspaces...


We build in suburban and downtown locations so that no matter where someone is, they’ll always have access to our incredible workspaces...

Franchising FAQ's

What do we look for in a franchisee?

A passion and desire to serve and help other businesses and entrepreneurs build their dreams through the WorkLodge platform. Although many franchisees won’t work in their business on a daily basis, we do look for owners that want to remain a part of their business with a passion and fire that will drive their growth. This is an explosive sector and we’re building something amazing, so we need our franchisees to join the team and enjoy the ride as they partner with us to build something incredible. This means if you’re looking to be 100% absentee and simply collect a check each month, we’re probably not the franchise program for you.

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Workspace First!

We’re a coworking company 1st, franchising company second. It's important, because this is what we do, this all we do, and we do it really well.


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